PT. Janur Kawanua Indonesia is located at Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, where first grade coconut are harvested all year round. The company was identified as one of the most suitable area to set up the manufacturing facilities due to its close proximity to the coconut plantations. Hence, giving us easy access for supplying of raw materials.

Jakaindo supplies products to a broad category of industrial food manufacturers either directly or through appointed agents or distributors. Under its progressive management, the company is constantly modernizing n expanding its facilities in response to the many challenges and demands of its growing market. This is to achieve manufacturing excellence thus ensuring that all products that goes out to all our customers are in conformity with the specification and demands of the market.

Our aim is to achieve the recognition by achieving products of highest standard and consistency in exellence quality product. We will keep striving to improve our product’s standard to meet customer’s stringent need and expectation.